ultrasonic suppressor of voice recorders
Installation under the negotiation table. Blocks cellular communications and Internet!

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Weight (in package), kg: 1.3    Packing size, mm: 400х100х30

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  • Voice suppression method:
    - ultrasonic radiation;
  • 31 communication standards suppression
  • Installation location:
    - under the table

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«Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM» ultrasonic suppressor of voice recorders, mobile communications and the Internet is used to protect confidential conversations from audio recording, listening and broadcasting over wireless channels. Suppressing voice recorders and other recording devices is carried out using 24 directional ultrasonic emitters, so that only you can record. The built-in communication suppressor provides data blocking at frequencies of GSM, 3G, 4GLTE, Wi-Fi and GPS within a radius of 15 meters.

The suppressor is controlled using the remote control, mounted under the negotiating table and works silently, so it does not attract attention when used. Attention! Voice recorder suppression occurs in silent (ultrasonic) mode! That is, your partners will not hear any noise, crackling or any other sounds that give out the operation of the device.

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Area of use

The ultrasonic suppressor of voice recorders, mobile communications and the Internet «Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM» is specially designed for use in offices and meeting rooms to block unauthorized audio recording and data transfer.

The device is mounted under the leader’s table or negotiation table using special fasteners and does not attract attention when used. Ultrasonic suppression of voice recorders has a directional effect, which must be taken into account when installing the suppressor.


  • Stealth work! The device is installed under the negotiation table using a special mount in such a way that it does not attract the attention of the interlocutors and works silently.
  • You can record a conversation, but your interlocutors can not! Ultrasound emitters are arranged in such a way that only you can record on the recorder, while the recordings of other negotiators will be corrupted.
  • Ultrasonic suppression. The presence of 22 built-in ultrasonic emitters ensures suppression of recordings of any type at a distance of 10 meters.
  • Wireless suppression. The suppressor spreads interference in 8 radio frequency bands and blocks 3G and 4G mobile Internet, GSM 900/1800 cellular communications, GPS navigation, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Remote control. The suppressor is controlled using the remote control, which allows using the device without attracting attention.
  • Battery operation (optional). The suppressor can be equipped with a built-in battery and operate autonomously for up to 2 hours, which will allow using it, for example, in field calls.
  • Protection against laser microphones (optional). At your request, this device can be equipped with special vibro-acoustic emitters that interfere with the remote reading of information from the window glass of the meeting room and provide reliable protection from laser microphones.

Ultrasonic suppressor for voice recorders and wireless data transmission Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM main unit
Ultrasonic suppressor for voice recorders and wireless data transmission Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM communication suppression unit
Ultrasonic suppressor for voice recorders and wireless data transmission Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM basic equipment


Additional modules
Ultrasonic suppressor of microphones, voice recorders under the table Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM additional piezovibration emitters
Splitter and piezo-vibration emitters



Optimal placement scheme for Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM

Layout of the device Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM

Technical specifications

31 Suppression Standard: (more information on suppressed communication standards)

Frequency Range: 925-960 MHz


  • GPRS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EDGE (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • UMTS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • GSM-900 (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EGSM (downlink): 925-960 MHz

Frequency range: 1805-1880 MHz


  • EDGE (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GPRS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • HSUPA (downlink ): 1805-1880 MHz
  • DCS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • LTE B3 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GSM-1800 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz

Frequency range: 790-826 MHz


  • AMPS / D-AMPS : 790-826 MHz
  • LTE B20 (downlink): 791-821 MHz

Frequency range: 850-894 MHz


  • LTE B5 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • GSM-850 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • ZigBee: 868 MHz LPD868 : 868 MHz
  • CDMA: 850-890 MHz

Frequency range: 2110-2170 MHz


  • IMT-MC (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • W-CDMA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSDPA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSPA + (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz

Frequency range: 2400-2500 MHz

Standards: Wi-Fi: 2400-2500 MHz

  • Bluetooth: 2450-2485 MHz
  • RC 2.4G (video signal): 2400-2500 MHz

Frequency range: 1570-1610 MHz


  • GLONASS L1 (1st generation): 1602 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (2nd generation): 1600.995 MHz
  • GPS L1: 1575.42 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (3rd generation): 1575.42 MHz

Frequency range: 2620-2690 MHz


  • WiMax: 2620-2690 MHz
  • TE B7 (downlink): 2620-2690 MHz


  • Ultrasonic emitters: 22 pcs.
  • Total output power: 4 W;
  • Communication suppressor: from 5 to 15 meters
  • Angle of attack: 75 degrees
  • External power supply: 12V, 3A
  • Dimensions: 400x100x30 mm

Package content

  1. The "Ultrasonic-SpyLine-24-GSM" suppressor - 1 pc.
  2. 12V network adapter - 1 pc.
  3. Remote control - 1 pc.
  4. Manual
  5. Battery (optional)
  6. Vibration protection kit for laser microphones (optional)
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