Multi-frequency suppressor Terminator 10XL
Our company development - 31 standard wireless suppression

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Weight (in package), kg: 0.7    Packing size, mm: 265х98х58

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  • Suppression of 10 frequencies:  
    GSM-900/1800, 3G, GPS, 4G, 
    LTE-4G-1, LTE-4G-2, Wi-Fi
  • Autonomous work: up to 90 minutes;
  • Suppression radius: up to 15 meters

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Terminator 10XL multi-frequency suppressor is a radio frequency interference generator that allows blocking up to 31 frequency standards for wireless data transmission. The device completely blocks the entire range of wireless Internet 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE 4G L1 and 4G Mobile, as well as GSM and 3G cellular communications.

In addition to suppressing cellular communications and wireless Internet, the device creates interference in the GPS range, preventing the signal from satellites determining the user's location.

 Area of use

Terminator 10XL multi-frequency suppressor is an excellent protector of confidential information of your business and personal life. The device blocks almost all devices for transmitting information over wireless networks of mobile Internet and GSM and 3G cellular communications. The suppressor of 10 radio frequencies has a fairly compact size and can easily be placed in the interior of a meeting room or office. When traveling on business trips, the suppressor can be placed in a small brief case.


  • Suppression of the entire range of wireless Internet. The device blocks any data transfer through the mobile Internet 4G LTE L1 / Mobile and 3G, as well as computer networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Cell phone blocking makes it impossible to transfer data via GSM and 3G network using SMS or MMS messages, or voice calls, and also prevents unauthorized remote connection to a mobile phone for wiretapping.
  • Suppression of satellite navigation GPS 1500 MHz. Allows blocking the operation of satellite tracking devices, such as auto tracker, navigator and GPS beacon, which determine your location.
  • Autonomous work. The suppressor is equipped with two built-in batteries that allow the device to work autonomously for up to 1.5 hours, which makes the device mobile for use in on-site negotiations and meetings.
  • Forced cooling. The suppressor is equipped with two built-in coolers and air holes on the case, which protects the device from overheating and failure.
  • Silent work. In the suppression mode, the device works quietly, so it won’t attract the attention of third parties.
  • The range of the lock is up to 15 meters, which allows suppressing radio frequencies of cellular communications and mobile Internet in a small office or car during negotiations.
  • Constant operation from a 220V network. It allows the suppressor to work continuously, not limited to the battery charge and without changing the radio frequency blocking radius.
  • Compact size. Due to its relatively small size, the suppressor can be freely placed in a business portfolio or within interior items.

Multi-frequency jammer Terminator 10XL - sidebar
Multi-frequency jammer Terminator 10XL - overhead view
Multi-frequency jammer Terminator 10XL - side view
Multi-frequency jammer Terminator 10XL - front panel

Principle of operation

The 10XL Terminator multi-frequency suppressor blocks the entire range of mobile Internet 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE 4G L1, 4G Mobile, GSM and 3G cellular communications. The device operates using a 220V network or autonomously using a built-in battery. The radio frequency suppression radius can reach 15 meters.


Technical specifications

31 suppression standards:

Frequency Range: 925-960 MHz


  • GPRS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EDGE (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • UMTS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • GSM-900 (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EGSM (downlink): 925-960 MHz

Frequency range: 1805-1880 MHz


  • EDGE (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GPRS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • HSUPA (downlink ): 1805-1880 MHz
  • DCS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • LTE B3 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GSM-1800 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz

Frequency range: 790-826 MHz


  • AMPS / D-AMPS : 790-826 MHz
  • LTE B20 (downlink): 791-821 MHz

Frequency range: 850-894 MHz


  • LTE B5 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • GSM-850 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • ZigBee: 868 MHz LPD868 : 868 MHz
  • CDMA: 850-890 MHz

Frequency range: 2110-2170 MHz


  • IMT-MC (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • W-CDMA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSDPA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSPA + (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz

Frequency range: 2400-2500 MHz


  • Wi-Fi: 2400-2500 MHz
  • Bluetooth: 2450-2485 MHz
  • RC 2.4G (video signal): 2400-2500 MHz

Frequency range: 1570-1610 MHz


  • GLONASS L1 (1st generation): 1602 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (2nd generation): 1600.995 MHz
  • GPS L1: 1575.42 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (3rd generation): 1575.42 MHz

Frequency range: 2620-2690 MHz


  • WiMax: 2620-2690 MHz
  • LTE B7 (downlink): 2620-2690 MHz


  • Total output power: 4 W;
  • Suppression radius: 5 to 15 meters
  • Autonomous work: up to 1.5 hours;
  • 2pcs battery: 12V, 1800mAh (each);
  • Charging time: 9 hours;
  • Power via adapter: 12V;
  • Operation temperature: from - 10 to + 55 C;
  • Forced cooling: cooler 2 pcs.;
  • Dimensions with antennas: 265x98x58 mm;
  • Weight: 660 grams.


  1. Terminator 10XL suppressor - 1 pc.
  2. 12V power adapter - 1 pc.
  3. Instruction manual - 1 pc.

Complete set of multi-frequency suppressor "Terminator 10XL".

Preparing the multi-frequency suppressor for operation
"Terminator 10XL".

Demonstration of multi-frequency suppressor operation
"Terminator 10XL".


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