«Guard Bluetooth»
scrambler with 4 encryption modes and wireless connection

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  • Encryption modes: 4
  • Frequency inversion method: yes
  • Battery: 9V
  • Wireless connection: yes

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Wireless «Guard Bluetooth» scrambler is designed to protect cell phone conversations. The scrambler is connected to the telephone over the air via Bluetooth. During operation, the scrambler changes the output sound signal according to the principle of frequency inversion.

The encoded signal is transmitted to a mobile phone, and then by cellular communication to your interlocutor. The interlocutor must have a similar device to decode the signal. If the signal is intercepted by third parties, it will be practically impossible to understand or decrypt it. The intelligibility of the intercepted signal can be as high as 5%.

No scrambling (telephone - telephone)
Using scrambling (scrambler - third party)
Using a scrambler in a conversation (scrambler - scrambler)



  • Scrambled speech intelligibility no more than 3-5% of words. This means that when listening to encrypted speech with an unauthorized connection to your phone during negotiations, the probability of understanding the essence of the conversation is possible by a maximum of 3-5%.
  • Four encryption modes to choose from. The Guard Bluetooth scrambler has 4 software modes. During negotiations by cell phone, the interlocutors can switch from mode to mode, thereby most effectively protecting themselves third parties’ wiretapping.
  • Bluetooth connection between the phone and the scrambler. Wireless connection of the device with a mobile phone is more convenient for using a call protection device through a cell phone.
  • Scrambler coding uses frequency inversion. When scrambling during negotiations, there is a frequency shift of 6 decibels in different directions, which ensures the encryption of the interlocutors speech.
  • Universal headphone jack. The Guard Bluetooth scrambler has a standard audio jack for using 3.5 mm jack headphones.
  • Powered by replaceable batteries. The scrambler runs on a 9V battery, which can be replaced at any time.
Scrambler GUARD Bluetooth - in the hand
Skrambler GUARD Bluetooth - headphone jack Skrambler GUARD Bluetooth - battery slot and control switches Skrambler GUARD Bluetooth - complete set

Technical characteristics

  • Coding principle: inversion of the sound spectrum;
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth;
  • Key formation: static;
  • Total number of the algorithm combinations: 4 combinations;
  • Number of inversion frequency changes: 4 frequencies;
  • Key sequence length: 16 bits;
  • Communication channel: full duplex;
  • Descrambled speech intelligibility: 95%;
  • Sound inversion band: from 280 Hz to 3140Hz;
  • Pitch bias during scrambling of 6dB audio stream per octave;
  • Inversion frequency range: from 44.336kHz to 184.734kHz;
  • Output impedance: from 300 to 500 kOhm;
  • Power supply: 9V;
  • Current Consumption mA: 70 mA;
  • Indication: LED;
  • Case material: plastic, aluminum;
  • Dimensions: 134x70x24 mm;
  • Weight: 100 grams.


  1. Scrambler - 2 pcs.
  2. Headset - 1 pc.
  3. Battery - 2 pcs.
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