Chameleon ANG-4 Information security complex
protection against laser microphones for windows

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Weight (in package), kg: 1    Packing size, mm: 145х200х65

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  • Type of exposure: vibroacoustic
  • Protection against laser microphones
  • Remote control
  • Connect up to 120 emitters

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The information security complex Chameleon ANG-4 is a device specially designed to protect the windows of meeting rooms from reading information off them using laser microphones. ANG-4 Chameleon converts the recording of multiple voices in different keys into pulses transmitted to the window pane using special vibro-acoustic emitters. The reading of information from a window protected by such a system becomes impossible for a laser microphone.

The device is equipped with four vibro-acoustic emitters, which is enough to protect one window. Up to 120 emitters can be connected to the device if necessary, ensuring safety in the conference room or several offices. The radio control panel allows switching the protection on or off remotely from a distance of 30 meters.

Area of use

Even with all the necessary measures to prevent leakage of information indoors, attackers still may use the opportunity to record a confidential conversation using a laser microphone. Such a microphone is directed to the window of the room and reads audio information off it like off a membrane.

The Chameleon ANG-4 information protection complex solves this problem; it will protect any room from such information leakage. This is a necessary mean of protection for any meeting room, office, head office - places where confidential issues are discussed.


  • Reliable protection against laser microphones. Install vibration-acoustic emitters on the windows, turn on the device and the room will be reliably protected from remote listening by laser microphones.
  • Possible expansion to 120 emitters. The device can be equipped with additional vibro-acoustic emitters to protect large rooms with many windows.
  • Remote control. You can remotely switch protection on and off using the radio channel remote control, which operates at a distance of up to 30 meters.
  • Easy installation. Installation of equipment does not require special knowledge and skills. The unit itself is placed in a place convenient for installation, for example, into a ceiling space. It is connected to the power supply. The wires for vibro-acoustic sensors are output from it and glued to the glass with 2-sided tape.
Information security complex Chameleon ANG-4 - connecting the emitter
Information security complex Chameleon ANG-4 - complete set

Technical channels of information leakage: laser microphone, principle of operation.

Technical channels of information leakage: laser microphone, principle of operation

Technical specifications

  • Number of connected vibro-acoustic emitters: 12 pcs. Expandable up to 120 pcs.
  • Vibration cable length: 10 meters
  • Remote control: radio channel
  • Remote control action distance: up to 30 m.
  • Power supply: 12V, 2A
  • Main unit dimensions: 197x110x65 mm;
  • Working part of an emitter dimensions: 5Ø37mm
  • Device weight: 1.2 kilograms.

Package content

  1. Chameleon ANG-4 – 1x
  2. Vibro-acoustic emitter – 4x
  3. Power supply – 1х
  4. Remote control – 1x
  5. Manual – 1x


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