Bluetooth Voice Changer»
with wireless connection and 5 voice modes

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Weight (in package), kg: 0.5    Packing size, mm: 210x145x50

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  • Voice Change Modes: 4
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Autonomous work: 9V battery
  • Audio Jack: yes

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The “Bluetooth Voice Changer” - wireless voice changer is designed to change the tone of the transmitted voice. An included wired headset is used for conversation. Further, the device transmits a signal with processed voice to your cell phone via the Bluetooth network. When talking, your interlocutor hears an already processed, unrecognizable voice.

The device can work in 5 voice modes: clear voice without processing and 4 modes with a changed voice pitch. At any time during a conversation, you can choose between voices using the switch on the front of the device. The voice changer is made in a convenient plastic case and is powered by a 9-volt battery.

Voice Change Examples

Voice Change (female)
Voice Change (male)
Voice Change (male2)


  • Four voice change modes to choose from. Voice changer “Bluetooth Voice Changer” has 5 modes, one of which is unchanged voice, and 4 others are modified by tone.
  • Connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Wirelessly connecting your device to your smartphone makes it more convenient for everyday use.
  • Change of tonality during operation. The device allows you to change the tone of the voice during a conversation by the specified modes.
  • Universal headphone jack. The voice changer has a standard audio jack for using 3.5 mm headphones.
  • Autonomy and mobility of the device. The device is powered by a replaceable 9V Krona battery.
Bluetooth Voice Changer - in the hand
Bluetooth Voice Changer - battery slot and control switches Bluetooth Voice Changer - headphone jack Bluetooth Voice Changer - complete set

Area of use

The wireless voice changer “Bluetooth Voice Changer” can be used for a variety of purposes: for example, using this device you can play friends and acquaintances. You can make anonymous calls without fear of being recognized.


Technical characteristics

  • Voice change modes: 4 modes
  • The principle of changing voice information: changing the octave of the spectrum
  • Total number of algorithm combinations: 4 combinations
  • Sound inversion band: from 280 Hz to 3140Hz
  • Frequency range of changes: from 44.336kHz to 184.734kHz
  • Output impedance: from 300 to 500 kOhm
  • Power supply: 9V
  • Consumption current: 70 mA
  • Indication: LED
  • Case material: plastic, aluminum
  • Dimensions: 134x70x24 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

Package content

  1. Bluetooth Voice Changer - 1х
  2. Headset - 1х
  3. 9V battery  - 1x
€ 128.57
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